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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jen & Cory : ENGAGED!!!!

Here is my first engagement shoot.....

This is my best friend, Jen, and her fiancee Cory. They graciously offered to be my models because they were in need of a few traditional photos for the paper. We had such a great time and they were such troopers going all over town in the middle of a warm, bright and windy day. I told them our next session is at night, a cool day, with absolutely no wind haha!

We had such a blast, these two have such great personalities and chemistry and are absolutely hilarious!! I think if it was up to Cory they'd been hanging from trees all day!
Cory is definitely one of the most photogenic people I've ever met, he looks good in absolutely every picture!

They laugh all the time, what a wonderful thing to see!
This is my favorite!

Taking advantage of the scaffolding!!

Thanks Jen and Cory! You are both amazing and wonderful friends!
Can't wait for the big day! LOVE YOU!!


Traci said...

Lins, you did a great job. I definitely want to hire you to shoot Evie's 1 year photos. If you'll give me a good friend discount, ha ha!

Matt Moore said...

Good pics Lindsay...definitely some natural talent behind the lens!

Amy Cruse said...

Lindsay these are wonderful! I did not know that you did photography! Would you be willing to take pictures of our wedding/open house? Let me know what you charge and we can work something out...last minute and all. :) We were just going to have some friends take random shots but if we can get professional ones...that would actually be something that went right with our wedding!