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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Adorable Anderson's

You'll remember little Timmy from my modeling sessions, and now you get to meet his wonderful family!! Amy and I met through an Omaha play group almost a year and a half ago. Our daughters, are the exact same age minus 4 hours :-) This session was mostly for Natalie, but we had to get in a few family pics and the kids together. They are as sweet on the inside as they are on the outside :-)

I've been smitten with Natalie ever since I met her. She used to be absolutely opposite of Adrienne, quiet, sweet, smily, happy all the time. Their finally both becoming more similar in their toddler ways, but they were very different babies! Check out her gorgeous eyes, lips and locks!
A boy and his stick...classic!
Oh be still my heart! I may just frame this one for my own home :-)
Thank you guys for an awesome session on a beautiful night, hope you love as much as I do!

BTW...this session was done at Schramm park, in Ashland, actually just outside it by the aquarium building. I wish it was closer to me because I would go there every day, but I'm thinking of having an all day photo day out there. If you're interested in a photo session  out at Schramm let me know!!!

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