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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Abby, Avery & Autumn

I got to spend Sun. morning with 3 adorable girls at the park. So sweet and fun! 

Russ & Nikki are MARRIED!!!

I had the pleasure of photographing a good friend's wedding on Saturday. I've known Russ for over 7 years now and if it wasn't for his parties/get togethers I wouldn't have met my husband :-) My hubs was a groomsmen and I was snapping the shots so it was a super fun day for all! They were married at St. Johns at Creighton and it was a beautiful day, with just a sprinkle of rain to cool us off! 

Russ and his very classic black tux.
Russ took me a little took seriously but I love it, it's so him! So funny!
The stunning bride, Nikki :-)
Oh Russell, you look dapper!
Russ and his dad, two cool dudes!
Miss Emily, who really thought this day was all about her.....she did awesome!
It's official!

So Russ' friend/groomsmen/dj for the evening had the greatest game. They had a raise the shoe who they thought fit the question...so funny! This one got a lot of laughs :-)
Nikki's dad it quite the dancer. Nikki almost fell a couple times and was sweating by the end of it. It was so funny! 
Talk about moves, Issac, Russ' nephew was shakin' it :-)
Russ and Nikki...thanks so much for letting me capture your perfect day! Hope you love your sneak peek!

Jody....Bishop Heelan High School Senior

Oh boy, where do I start! Jody's really excited to see what I write here so I better be good :-)

Jody is my best friend, Jen's, little sis. And really she's my little sis too. I'm still flabbergasted that she's going to be a senior. Seems like yesterday she was running around with a bowl cut and giggling her little head off :-) Sorry Jod! We had such a great time at Whispering Creek and 3rd Street in Sioux City. Jody didn't want to stop, luckily we're going to do a little more in Okoboji very soon. I am so honored you asked me to do your pics, I think you look stunning and I hope you love them!

Love you to pieces Jod! MUAH!

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold

What a perfect day, Tom and Erin had. Overcast, 80 degrees and a slight breeze...perfect if you ask me :-) Not only was the weather amazing, but their day was flawless, beautiful and sooo laid back. It was a joy to be a part of. I really enjoyed Erin and Tom, their personalities, the way Tom looked at Erin. I loved Erin's mom who was so sweet and funny, the groomsmen who were sooo cool and the bridesmaids who were absolutely thrilled to watch Erin on her big day. Without further ado, a very small snippet of their most glorious day!

Purple shoes need their own spotlight :-)

Ok so I wasn't planning on commenting on every pic but seriously, this gorgeousness needs a little love. Don't they look stunning!!
Erin and Tom were married at Marble Lake Ranch in Spirit Lake. I had never been there before and it was so cool! All the accommodations, the guest house and the reception barn...very neat! Here everyone is walking down to the lake for some fun pics!
I really like this one!
Having four beautiful little girls by your side makes for a fun day, they all did great!
That is all natural sun glare, pretty proud of myself :-)
I adored their rings!
Because Okoboji screams Taffy...they had a candy bar with an awesome assortment but because when I think of Okoboji, Taffy comes to mind, it's getting some blog love :-) I think the candy bar was a big hit :-)
The first thing I noticed about Tom when I met him, was how he looked at Erin. He radiated every time he looked at her. I have so many images of him just gazing and smiling at her, you could really feel how much he loves her. 
Tom and Erin...thank you so much for letting me capture your day! I had an absolute blast watching you interact with all the people you love. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Tomcak Family

I was thrilled when Christine emailed me for a session and couldn't believe she knew what I was up to these days. Christine is the mother of one of my students, Conner, when I taught kindergarten for one year at Christ the King. I could not wait to see them, they were such a wonderful family to work with back then and I hadn't seen them since I left 3 years ago. So, I had to dig up an old picture of Conner, because I couldn't believe how much he had changed. So grown up! Here he is in Kindergarten....

Now going into 4th grade...wow!! 
Not only was I super excited to see Conner but he now has 3 brothers instead of 2 haha!! They are definitely boys and loved throwing the rocks!!
Crazy but I had never done this before and I'm so glad they thought it was funny!
I'm so glad I was able to capture some moments of your ever growing broad of boys, it was so much fun!! Hope you love your sneak peek! Thanks for being so patient with me :-) 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Unfortunately, my lap top will not connect to the internet :-( Which means no posts with pictures and if you have specialty products you are waiting for they may take a few extra days because of this glitch :-( Sooo sorry for the inconvenience!!!! I will be checking email periodically, but if you really need to get ahold of me to get something booked ASAP please call, 650-5450. It will be a much faster process than email for now!

Off to talk to tech support...yippee!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Schultz Family

I'm still in awe at how many people I've come in contact with through my business, especially alumni of my high school. I would probably never get the chance to meet these people nor get to know such wonderful families, had it not be for my fabulous job. I photographed Emma for my Halloween sessions last year and she's grown so much. Mommy and daddy graduated a few years before me and they are so fun! They brought along Grandpa and Auntie Jill to help too and boy did we put them to work! Emma thought we all needed a little exercise, but that's the way I like it :-)

Aren't they just ADORABLE!! I love cute little families :-) They are moving in just a few weeks to DC and I know their families are really going to miss them. I feel blessed to have gotten to spend an hour with them to capture some moments before they make their move east!
I know mommy's and daddy's (and myself for my own kids) love smily laughy pics but I'm soooo drawn to the serious images. Probably because they always capture the eyes better (smiling promotes squinting) and I love eyes! I just think she looks soooo pretty in this image!
Thanks Kevin and Katie  (and Grandpa and Auntie!!) for spending some time with me and working oh so very hard to make little Emma happy. I really had a great time and can't wait for you to see all our images!! Hope you enjoy your last few weeks in Omaha!

Kaiden's almost 1 !!!

I cannot believe this little man is almost one!! We decided to do his session a couple weeks early so that mommy could have his pictures for his big day. I have so much fun with these guys and this time we choose downtown Dundee for more of an urban feel than his other portraits. I can't believe a year has gone by, we've had waaaayy too much fun! Here's the little stud...

I LOVE baby drool...some people don't but it's a part of life and this little man was watering the long most of the night he had so much coming out. Soo cute! He loved the little puppy I had, so this shot was so easy!
We finally got mom and dad at the session so we had to do one with each of them, I love how Kaiden is so happy and clapping in both, he is SUCH a happy kid!

Thank you guys for meeting me in Dundee, I had a blast as always!! Hope you love!

Image of the Week

Soo I have 8 sessions to choose from this week, which is just ridiculous, I had so many favorites I just said eeny meeny and this is it haha! I actually knew I loved this one right after I took it and showed it to Patty. We found a rockin' location that I hope to use more often! Happy Almost Saturday :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Landon & Ella Bean

You'll remember these cuties from here!! We had such a great time at the Blondo Arboretum on a perfect afternoon. I always enjoy hanging with these wonderful kids and their super cool parents and aunt! I went to high school with mommy and auntie, so it's always a good time!! Landon and Ella were complete rock stars, so sweet and did whatever we wanted them to do :-) Such as this.....

Landon will someday play for the Cubs...no really, he has an incredible talent @ 2 1/2. 
Miss Ella Bean and her zebra dress....I adore this image!

Daddy finally got Ella to laugh herself silly in her tutu!! This is the second time Ella's had a tutu and she couldn't be any cuter!
See what I mean! 
This was one of the funnest and fastest sessions EVER!! Mom, Dad, and Auntie Bridg were AWESOME! I hope you guys LOVE them!!

Patty.....Millard North Senior

Oh Patty, what can I say! YOU ROCK!! We had such a great time running all over town and rocking some poses. If you didn't know Patty is a model, oh wait, maybe not professionally but in front of my camera she is. The minute she stepped in front of it, her moves were on FIRE! Not only does the camera love her, but her personality is literally on her sleeve. You get what you see and it's pure energy and sweetness! Enough of my rambling, here's the stunning senior :-)

Her headshot :-)
Woah Patty...hold up! 
Not only did I get to spend the night with Patty but her lovely, best friend, Lindsay. I know Patty and two Lindsay's haha! It was a blast! These guys make each other laugh so easily. If you want to have a friend tag along and get some fun photos with them, it's only $25 extra and look how cute it can be!!
I can't express to you how much fun I had. I felt like I was in high school hanging out with my two best friends. That's how nice and open these girls are! I hope you guys love them as much as I do!