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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Russ & Nikki are MARRIED!!!

I had the pleasure of photographing a good friend's wedding on Saturday. I've known Russ for over 7 years now and if it wasn't for his parties/get togethers I wouldn't have met my husband :-) My hubs was a groomsmen and I was snapping the shots so it was a super fun day for all! They were married at St. Johns at Creighton and it was a beautiful day, with just a sprinkle of rain to cool us off! 

Russ and his very classic black tux.
Russ took me a little took seriously but I love it, it's so him! So funny!
The stunning bride, Nikki :-)
Oh Russell, you look dapper!
Russ and his dad, two cool dudes!
Miss Emily, who really thought this day was all about her.....she did awesome!
It's official!

So Russ' friend/groomsmen/dj for the evening had the greatest game. They had a raise the shoe who they thought fit the question...so funny! This one got a lot of laughs :-)
Nikki's dad it quite the dancer. Nikki almost fell a couple times and was sweating by the end of it. It was so funny! 
Talk about moves, Issac, Russ' nephew was shakin' it :-)
Russ and Nikki...thanks so much for letting me capture your perfect day! Hope you love your sneak peek!

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