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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tri + Tami = Drew, Liz, and Baby

The Tran family is a referral from our dear friends Jen & Thuc. Jen has been such a cheerleader for my business and sends anyone and everyone my way :-) I can't thank her enough! And because of sweet Jen, I got to meet this beyond gorgeous family, this is Thuc's brother and his family. They were just a pleasure to work with. Drew is 2 and Liz turns the big 1 in just a few days. Now before you scroll sit down, because this adorableness is going to knock you to the floor!!

Liz...she was quite the entertainer for being 1!!
This picture makes me melt. I love both of their looks! They are absolutely beautiful children!! I hope I get to see them again soon!
Tami....I hope you love them and hopefully the next time I see these cute faces, their little sis is right next to them! Thanks for spending a beautiful Sat. morning with me, it was my pleasure!

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The Trans said...

OHH!! I love them! Great work Lindsay!