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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yearbook Deadlines

Yearbook Deadlines.....

I was lucky enough to be in SC 2 weeks ago and they published all their deadlines in the paper..wooohoo! What a help to me :-) I do all the work (send in your headshots) but wanted to post this so you all know when I'll be taking the last senior from your school....

Sioux City High Schools

Heelan Oct. 9 (last Senior appt. Sept.25)

East Nov. 16 (last Senior appt. Nov. 2)

Dakota Valley Dec. 4 (last Senior appt. Nov. 20)

Omaha High Schools

Millard North Nov. 4 (last Senior Session Oct. 23)

Lincoln Schools

Lincoln NorthEast Early Sept.

If you are from any other school, let me know and I will look into deadlines. Most are late Oct. early Nov. so you still have time to get you fabulous pics done!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amy....Millard North Senior

I feel so blessed to work with such amazing high schoolers. I have so much enjoyed their personalities, their style, their stories. Amy is a referral from the triplets (of course!!) and she was a blast. So sweet and up for anything! We ran around Boys Town and found lots of unique and cool places :-) Hope you love your sneak peek Amy!!

Check it out and VOTE! Pretty please :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Custom Coffee Table Books

I thought I would post some photos of one of the custom albums that I do. This is available for any session, but comes in a senior package so I've had some seniors ask about what exactly it is. I've only done a custom photo cover, (because really the more photos the better!) but they come in several leather colors and engravings as well. I've been soo impressed with how beautiful they are!! 

Here is the front cover of fabulous senior Patty! 

This is the back cover, my logo!
The first page....
Fabulous flatness...yep I'll repeat that again, FABULOUS FLATNESS! One of the many reasons I LOVE them!
A closeup of the cover...ohhh yummy!
They are normally 20-25 pages, and include almost all of your photos (I think I've gotten them all in so far haha!!). Each one is custom designed so yours will never look like anyone else's, how cool is that? These are also available for any session, kids, birthdays, families, engagements (I'm creating one right now for a guest book, so fun!), and of course weddings (but I also have a REAL wedding album available as well!). I hope this answers some questions! 

If you've had a session with me and think an album of your session would look stunning on your coffee table, contact me for prices. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Mommas :-)

So in the last 6 days, I've had 6 baby mommas approach me about sessions once their little one arrives. Newborns are best photographed between 4-10 days old. Since my fall is quickly filling up, please let me know...

1. Your due date
2. Chances of going early/or scheduled c-section
3. If there is a day or week you are looking at
4. What type of session you want?? just the babe, babe with mom and dad, babe with siblings (this is obviously if I do not know you :-). You can email me for price on newborn package as well as baby stages packages.
5. Remember my newborn sessions are very untraditional, in your home, outdoors if nice, usually naked but will incorporate a cute outfit if desired, lots of props, posed and unposed, you get what I mean :-)
6. I also do custom birth announcements. I attached a pic of baby Easton's and you can contact me for prices. 
7. I've attached pics of baby Easton taken a couple months ago, he's just a doll!

After we figure these things out I can pencil you in and go from there. I'd love to get you all in so please contact me ASAP as I know many of you will have your new addition in the next month or so. 

Because posts are ALWAYS better with pictures.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Image of the Week....5 days late :-(

Miss Anna!! Such a natural beauty :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

SIOUX CITY Summer dates

I am still booking a few appts. for my two travels to Sioux City...

Sunday, July 26  
Sunday, Aug. 16

Availability for Fall and all that jazz...

I have had numerous inquiries about Senior Sessions and Family Sessions for Aug. and I am booked until Sept. 1. I am scheduling for Sept. -Nov. so feel free to still inquire. 

Senior Sessions need to be completed by the last week of Oct. so that all the head-shots can be sent into all the schools for the yearbook.

Family Sessions (especially those that are for Christmas cards) will need to be completely by Nov. 14 if you are ordering prints or christmas cards through me and Nov. 21 if you are doing your own cards. 

If you have recently had your session, CDs/DVDs are running 3 weeks and for weddings they are running 4-6 weeks, senior books are 4-6 weeks and weddings books are 6-8. It's a very busy season, so thanks for your patience!

I am also booked for weddings through the rest of the year and will not be taking any for 2010. I have had numerous inquiries and I apologize. It's been very heard to be away so much from my little family :-( I will keep everyone posted if I will be booking any in the future. 

Saturday, July 18, 2009

:-) + :-(

I am out of town, if you've called or emailed I will get back to you on Mon. morning! Thanks so much for contacting me and I look forward to discussing options with you :-)

I've recently found out the many emails are getting sent to my junk mail. I always check before deleting, but I think I am misplacing some. If you have emailed recently and did not hear back from me please write back or call 402-650-5450. It is not on purpose that you are not hearing from you :-( 

Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Polito Family

I can't believe how fast time flies. Gus is now 1 and just as adorable! You'll remember him with his super cute hat :-) They met me at a new fav location, Lanoha gardens :-) Awesome! We had a great time...Gus definitely knew I was up to something this time so he made us work, but boy was it fun! He is so sweet and such a great kid! Hope you guys love your sneak peek!

He even gave me a kiss on the lips when we were done ahhhhh!! Made my day :-)

Goldsberry Family

Ooooo blogger color....there's a reason I chose to post the color images but of course blogger is dingy :-( Sorry!

Anyway, my husband has worked with Ben for years at HP so we've spent many a work get together with this awesome family. Aren't the kids adorable!!! Sarah has wanted to do pics for some time now and I'm so glad we got them in! All of their birthdays are within the next month and a half so it was perfect timing :-)

Red hair and blue eyes....melt my heart! This is Eli, he'll be one here very shortly!!
I hope you love your sneak peek....your kids are so adorable and they did great!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Image of the Week

Oh boy, I'm a day late!! Forgive me as the hubs is out of town for 3 days and I am accomplishing absolutely nothing!! Anyway, my kids are wrestling on the couch so I had to take a moment away, for my own sake haha! There was no doubt this one was going to make it to image of the week. Especially since I've been looking at it for the last few days, almost finished with their session. Little Miss Anna was just a gem. Such a sweetheart and I really could have taken her home, no really! This image just makes me smile. Let's cross our fingers that I get some work done tonight!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

Anna....Lincoln Northeast Senior

Ever since I got an email from Anna's mom, Diann, I was so excited for this session! She was super nice and so thrilled for me to capture her daughter I just knew it would be perfect. Perfect is an understatement! We had an absolute blast! Jumping up and down, dancing, singing kids songs :-) And look at her, she's stunning!!! Not only is she beautiful, but sweet, great personality, volleyball star, and great style. Hope you love your sneak peek Diann and Anna!

I can't thank you enough for choosing me to capture your next step in life. It truly was MY pleasure and I hope I get to see you in the future!

Bohlen Fmaily

Could these kids be any cuter!!! They were such a treat. So sweet and did exactly what we needed to do to get super adorable pics!

I had such a great time at Zorinsky with you guys! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and love your sneak peek! Thanks for coming into town from Fremont :-) 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Image of the Week

I know your probably expecting to see some faces, but I'm going out of my element here and posting a rare photo that I would take. I rarely if ever take pictures that don't have faces in them haha! Mainly because I am horrible at them, no really, I have no experience in it and it is completely out of my safe zone :-( But last weekend while I was photographing a wedding I took this image. It's from St. John's on Creighton campus, a stunning church. It was a beautiful blue sky day, but of course I had to convert it to BW haha! Anyway, something different for your eyes :-) Happy 4th of July weekend!

Otten Family

These guys made my job easy! They were so well behaved and adorable. Loved being in front of the camera. Samuel, 7, Eli, 4, Anna, 2, and Ella, 1 month...phew! I love this casual family pic...so adorable!

Ella is just scrumptious :-) Gave me slight baby fever, I did say slight :-)

Thanks so much for hanging out with me at the park, your family is just precious!