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Color and contrast on my blog are very dull. It's a problem I've been having for over a year now and hopefully it will lead to a new blog soon.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Adorable kiddies :-)

This shoot was for their grandpa. So all the cousins got together for LOTS of laughs and smiles!! They are all so sweet and cute! We had a blast at Lanoha, one of my new favorite spots!! 

Maggie...Senior at Bishop Heelan Catholic High School in Sioux City

These posts just keep making me feel old and older. This is Maggie, my best friend's little sister. She's a big vball and bball star and soars over me now, which is so weird!!! We had so much fun and it was the most random session I've had, we just drove and stopped and found the greatest gold mines in SC. This pic was taken at Grandview at the water tower..we really liked the peace sign!

The coolest old car siting on the side of the road, some au natural sun glare, and red heels, AWESOME!!!

I had so much fun!! Thanks for letting me capture these moments, I hope you LOVE them!! Love you!

Elliott....Senior at East High School in Sioux City

This is my cousin Elliott :-) He's such a sweetheart, oops I probably shouldn't say that should I!!! His post comes just after his rockstar game on Friday night. He's quite the talented football player and had a great game on Friday. I'm sure with many more to come. We did some fun ones on the East practice field before heading downtown. 

Ooo do I miss my maiden name!!!  
Now for that very expensive smile and a nice shirt :-) 

Elliott thanks for putting up with me(and your mom :-) and letting me capture your senior pics! 

Grindle Family

This is little Josie, who just turned one. Her mommy graduated a year after I did from Heelan and got a hold of me while we were both in Sioux City. Isn't Josie just a doll!!
She's pestering her parents by not walking til after she's one, so mom had to help with this one. 
I think she's quite the perfect mix :-)

Faldmo Family

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Image of the Week

I know many of you are waiting for sneak peeks, thanks for being patient! We just got back from vacation and I'm hoping to update tonight!! For now, the Image of the Week, 3 days late :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogger's color

Like I have said a million times, blogger's color is less than desired. If you click on an image and are able to open it up you'll see the true color. I'm not sure why this is and hoping to get a new blog someday that shows the true colors. Your images will look so much better when you receive them!

Ashley, Senior at Dakota Valley

We started off Ashley's session in her backyard. Her family lives in Wynstone :-) A lovely area in N. Sioux City, SD, absolutely beautiful! Ashley and her mom had specific locations they wanted so we booked it fast as the rain was heading in and just before we were to head inside it started to rain. Thank you LORD! Ashley is so carefree and sweet. She is coincidentally good friends with Mitch (below) as well as Lindsey, and Taylor :-) I love doing friends of clients!! I loved this first image in her backyard!

The park she grew up playing in, how cute is that!
Adam's Nature Preserve, a new favorite location. Isn't she stunning!!
Ashley wanted to ride her 4 year old brother's trike...so much fun!
Ashley thanks so much for spending Sat. night with me, dodging the weather! I had so much fun! Enjoy!

Mitch, Senior at Bishop Heelan :-)

Where to start, Mitch was a hoot!! Talk about personality, he's got it! I came to find out he is one of my brother's good friends and I can totally tell how they get along :-) We started off at Briar Cliff's baseball field and we had lots of fun. Mitch is quite the baseball player and we're glad we got his session in before he starts traveling again real soon. 

We stayed close and used the beautiful stairs leading up to the cross at BC. I've used these before and it's just the perfect spot, just enough shade and cool angles. 

Mitch, thanks so much for showing your true self. I had a BLAST! Best of luck in all your baseball endeavors and beyond! Hope you love your sneak peek!

Vacation and BOOKED!!

This is late coming but haven't had much internet access. I am on vacation (VERY OVERDUE!!!), so email and phone returns will be a little slow. 

I am also booked until Oct. 1!!! So if you'd like to get your family Christmas Session or Senior portrait session in, you must call now :-) 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Image of the Week

This is my cousin Meagan, whom I posted last week but just love this image. I was catching some serious backlight from a really dark covered alley we were in and tried to use it to my advantage and I love it! Hopefully this will hold you out a few more days Megs, I promise they are almost done :-)

Problems with finding Photo Booth images :-(

Oh the joys of trying to find an image host :-( Many of you have been trying to look up the album of images from the Wright Wedding Photobooth. Some of you have also tried to order and that hasn't worked either. So here are more detailed directions....once you click the link, it will say "Album Not Found". Click "Sign In" at the top right and type in the username(lins.ernst@yahoo.com) and password (ferriswright). This will bring you to the front page of Kodak and click either "My Gallery or My Photos" and you will find the Wright Wedding Album. You can click this and look through all the images. Once you've decided which ones you would like, write down the numbers(they are numbered 1-42) and email me, lins.ernst@yahoo.com and I will send you the files so that you can print them anywhere (not just Kodak, because it won't let you order at the same time). I hope this makes sense :-( I thought it would go a little smoother than it has so I apologize. 

Remember if it works to order on there than go ahead but if you'd rather just email me the numbers you'd like, I'd be happy to forward on your images. 


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wright Wedding Photo Booth

Thanks to my fabulous assistant/second shoot/dad, we were able to pull off a wedding photo booth for the first time and I'm so glad we did it! It was for a dear friend's wedding and was a surprise and everyone really loved it! The quality isn't the best (we had some lighting issues!) but super fun nonetheless. Like I mentioned click this link and you'll get to see all the photo booth pics and order. If you'd like a digital file please email me, lins.ernst@yahoo.com.

Email: lins.ernst@yahoo.com
Password: ferriswright

I made the bride and groom jump in! Love you guys!!


 I will be back in SC Oct. 23-25 for fall family sessions (or any session for that matter!). This is my ONLY time back in the fall for sessions. This will fill up fast and if this weekend does not work for you, your welcome to make the trip to Omaha for a different location! Please email or call to get your spot :-)


Image of (Last) Week

Oh boy it happened again, but I promise I have a good explanation for it! I was shooting a wedding for 13 hours on Friday so this is why you are just getting the Image of the week. 

Now about the image. I had an amazing opportunity to shadow a Minneapolis photographer, Jamie Schultz way back in the beginning of July. She's originally from South Sioux City, NE (neighbor to my hometown!). She was in town for the 4th of July week and my the grace of God I was brought in touch with her and was able to follow her around town for 4 hours and learn a ton :-) It was soo much fun. And the two girls were Crusader girls which made it ever more fun! I have yet to process any of them because I'm so crazy busy with work, but just had to do this one. I LOVE IT! It was shot indoors at a restaurant in Sioux City, called Lucianos. Gorgeous location and gorgeous model. This is Sadelle and is a senior at my alma mater, Heelan :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miss Taylor- Dakota Valley HS Senior

Taylor is a referral from Lindsey(pictured just below her!). I actually met Taylor when she was wee little, probably 4-5 yrs. old. Her and her brother would come over and play when I babysat Lins and her sister. Crazy how fast time flies. I haven't seen Taylor in forever but she's exactly as I remember her, but now a beautiful 17 yr. old. She had the most fun colorful outfits that I couldn't possibly post a B & W. Taylor is a senior at Dakota Valley High school in N. Sioux City, SD. She made the trip down for some unique Omaha pics :-)

I don't know what it is about this one, but it's one of my favorite, ever! I LOVE the colors, the outfit, the pose, the location, the contrast, everything!

Thanks so much for letting me capture your senior portraits and for coming down here for something new and different!! Be in touch soon...ENJOY!

Lindsey Part 2- Heelan Rep :-)

I love spending time with the Diez's. You'll remember her, here. She laughs just the same and is still sweet and shy. We spent the morning in Dundee to get her a few more looks for her senior portraits. She also brought a friend along who was awesome! Helped fix hair, give posing ideas, helped with outfits. I love that! I wish all seniors brought a friend along!! 

I had to get more closeups of Lins because her eyes are soo amazing!

Kathy and Lins, thanks so much for coming down AGAIN!! It was sooo much fun!! I really appreciate it and hope you love your new pics :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Pace

Seriously how fun is this!! I had a blast with these guys :-)

Hope married life is blissful, Steph and Josh!

Stava Family

What an adorable family!! Right when the twins got out of the car they had grins ear to ear. Mom and dad definitely have their hands full, Sam, 3, and twins Jane and Molly are 9 months. 

Meet Sam, who coincidentally is ALOT like my own son. She has quite the vocabulary and loves to talk :-) What a sweatheart!

Jane, wasn't much up for pics, but we worked hard to get some super cute grins, I loved her purple dress!
Molly, didn't utter a sound, smiled anytime you looked at her and probably could have taken pics all day. I think there's a little model inside :-)
The adorable family! 
Great meeting you Stave Family, hope I get to see you in the future!! Be in touch soon! Enjoy!

My cousins :-)

Last weekend was awesome!! I got to spend it with two of my cousins. They are best friends are seniors this year and wanted to have their session together!! Meagan attends Carlisle High School in Carlisle, IA(just outside Des Moines) and Lauren attends my alma mater Bishop Heelan Catholic in Sioux City, IA. We had such a great time! The weather did dampen a bit of it but besides that it was perfect! I think I have two of the most beautiful cousins, seriously! Such little models!

Here is Meagan...she's an awesome bball and vball star :-)


They laugh all the time and most of the time can't look at each other without laughing! I just love these kinds of pics!
I can't thank you guys enough for coming all the way here to let me capture your senior portraits!! I am so blessed not only to be able to do so but to be related to both of you!! Love you both!