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Monday, August 3, 2009

Clark Family

I met mom, Keri, in the Omaha Mom's Group I'm in. I took little Leah's Halloween pictures last year and they loved them so they were back for some summer fun.  Leah is just a hoot! Such a great personality and awesome facial expressions. 

Some people ask what happens at one of my family sessions and how I can possibly take family pictures!! I'm very much a lifestyle photographer and my favorite images will always be the candid ones. I do all the posed stuff for mom and dad, but there will also be the fun family poses to make yours unique. Then I usually run around with the kids and take pics with them. Each session is COMPLETELY different.  Like Leah wasn't much for posing so I literally did run around with her and take pictures of her running, throwing stuff in the pond, trying her hats on, walking back and forth on the bridge. There's other sessions that are just posed family shots, kids individual and together, mom and dad together and we're done. It very much depends on mom's requests and how the kids are doing that day. The kids really determine what I will try to do. 

Here is Leah just in her little world. This was one of the first images I took. 

Aren't they so adorable!! I really love this family, so sweet and fun!
Oh man, this is ranking as one of my favorite ever. This was one of the very few posed ones I got of Leah and it just makes me melt. I love her legs spread in the back...that's totally a little kid thing haha!
Rich and Keri, thanks again for letting me capture Leah in her element, it was a blast!! I hope you LOVE them :-) Be in touch soon!

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