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Friday, August 21, 2009

Problems with finding Photo Booth images :-(

Oh the joys of trying to find an image host :-( Many of you have been trying to look up the album of images from the Wright Wedding Photobooth. Some of you have also tried to order and that hasn't worked either. So here are more detailed directions....once you click the link, it will say "Album Not Found". Click "Sign In" at the top right and type in the username(lins.ernst@yahoo.com) and password (ferriswright). This will bring you to the front page of Kodak and click either "My Gallery or My Photos" and you will find the Wright Wedding Album. You can click this and look through all the images. Once you've decided which ones you would like, write down the numbers(they are numbered 1-42) and email me, lins.ernst@yahoo.com and I will send you the files so that you can print them anywhere (not just Kodak, because it won't let you order at the same time). I hope this makes sense :-( I thought it would go a little smoother than it has so I apologize. 

Remember if it works to order on there than go ahead but if you'd rather just email me the numbers you'd like, I'd be happy to forward on your images. 


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