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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Will all this beautiful fall weather, my weekends are crazy!! So thanks for being patient with your sneak peeks (these are from 2 weeks ago :-( It's the season for family Christmas sessions and the tail end of seniors. Enjoy!

Dixon Family

Mom and her boys :-)

He is so dang cute, couldn't get enough of him!
This little man, well not little really, gave me a hug before I left and said thank you :-) I wanted to take him home, and we decided he could pass as my own, with all those freckles!! Thanks for making a very long day just perfect!
Tiller Family

Now for lots of girls :-) And these fall colors, this was the last weekend for it and so glad I got some great sessions in!

I love this image! She is one very loved little girl!

My favorite girls....Triplets



Stusse Family....Miss Avery is turning 1!

It really is crazy how many Heelan families I come in contact with. Mom and dad are both Heelan alumni. Thanks for coming my way!!

Mosser Family

My favorite alley and a favorite family....so much fun!

Tawny....Millard North Senior

Amanda- Marian High School

Fitch Family....you'll remember them here and here. Amazing clients!

Alex was a champ and Claire is still trying to figure me out!
Alex is so adorable and so sweet. He gave me tons of smiles and pirate faces!

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