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Sunday, December 27, 2009


I rarely if ever post my kids are here for 2 reasons...one I have my family blog to do so and two I rarely get to have sessions with them because as any photographer out their knows your own children are the hardest! But I couldn't resist sharing my little peanuts, love them to pieces!

Caleb 3 1/2 Adrienne 2
This is the best picture I've ever gotten of him...I love his lips, his smile, his most adorable personality, his ticklish self, how much he's starting to look like his dad, how incredibly intelligent he is, his ridiculous memory and how he remembers EVERYTHING we say. He makes me smile all the time!
My little crazy girl. It's kind of an understatement, but I think if my kids were both exactly the same I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I love her new laugh, deep and silly; how much she loves to perform now, "I love you" is her favorite these days; how much her vocabulary has blossomed in the last 6 months. Her cute little accent makes me smile. Her long blonde hair that she always brushes off her face. Her wide chunky bottom(she DID NOT get from me!). How motherly she is, baby Stella gets so much love an attention these days! She makes me laugh and laugh and makes me be a better mommy!
90% of the time they can't stand to be apart! The other 10% is just what happens when you have children 17 months apart!!
I don't want them to grow up anymore :-( (Although I would like potty training done, but this age is beyond fun!)
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we were stuck in Sioux City with 22 inches and 12 ft. snow drifts, it was crazy! Will post tons of family stuff on my family blog soon. Hope you enjoyed my little blessings!

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Marla said...

beautiful babies! Mine are 16 months apart and it seems they never get this close. . . kissing??? Are you kidding me????

Beautiful post and pictures!