Thanks so much for stopping by!!! This is where I give families sneak peeks of their fabulous sessions and rant and rave about the amazing job I have! I LOVE what I do, capturing love moments of babies, families and everything in between! At this time, I am unable to do weddings, events, and large families.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is normally my "vacation"/slow time but my inbox is quite full of inquires and questions (which is AWESOME!) so I thought I'd head to the blog to let everyone know what's going on!

1. Dec. through March I do not work outside, for obvious reasons but if a nice day creeps up on us, people have been known to snatch me up and get outside.(Feb 2. last year was 78
degrees...you better believe I was working!) This is also my time to get ready for the
new year, update files, packages, services, etc. On top of that, this year a new website and logo! So lots of work on!

2. I am still taking commissions for newborns (3-12 days old) or babies (1 month-1 year)
indoors, in your own home, and any crazy soul who wants to venture outdoors (seniors/families/engagements/kids/business). I will only be taking a limited number each month, so feel free to inquire about availability. I've really enjoyed the babes I've gotten to work with recently and so excited for the ones I have on the schedule in the next couple months!

3. I started a new business in digital design over on Etsy. Cecilia Street Designs provides
custom digital cards for all occasions. Just updated with Valentine cards, so fun and cute! These can be sent to families or attached to your child's Valentine treat :-) Check out
all the fun going on at CSD!

email: ceciliastreetdesigns@gmail.com

I've also been asked by several people how I came up with the name
(well those who haven't known me since I was born.) I was raised for 9 years of my life(first 9 years of my life!) on Cecilia Street in Sioux City, IA. In two different homes nonetheless. It's crazy how much I actually remember from growing up on that street and the memories always bring a smile to my face!

4. Unfortunately, I will not be doing weddings in 2010. I'm happy to refer you to some fabulous photogs, if you need some help!

5. That being said, I also do not do large families. I do not have the lenses needed to produce fabulous quality large group photos.

6. Head shots you ask? Well, I do outdoor informal head shots for the non
-corporate world. ie...I will be doing Jen Sueper's head shots and artwork photos as well as new business cards and post cards, for her uber fabulous business Ferris Artistry soon. So excited, come back to check out her stuff! If you have your own business and are in need of revamping for 2010, let me know!

6. I am booking for Spring 2010. If there is a particular date you have to have because of family in town, a birthday, will only be in town for that day, etc. Let me know and I'll get you on the calendar. I'm a planner, so my schedule is ready to go and be filled :-)

7. I have many projects (business and personal photography) in the works, some new fun things for 2010!

8. Like mentioned in the below post, I'm taking applications for 2010 Senior Team Members. Email me for all the details and to get an application!
Enjoy the warmup and hope to see you soon!


Shauna said...

How can I get to you ETSY shop (I love that place btw)!!!

Lindsay Ernst said...

Oh boy do I love Etsy!

There are several links on my page, one just in this post, put your curser over Cecilia Street Designs underneath the card and it should take you there. Also on the right sidebar under "Shout-Outs", it's the first link! Thank you again for stopping by. I just LOVE your blog and so excited to follow!!