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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 4 "Textures" iheartfaces Photo Challenge

This week at iheartfaces, the challenge was texture. It could be any kind of texture, au natural or using photoshop to add to your photo. Since I do 99% of my work outdoors it isn't hard to incorporate texture for me. What was hard was choosing any image for this contest!!! I was drawn to this one because of the complimentary colors and the several areas of completely different texture. The vines in the background, her horizontal stripes and linen texture on her dress, to her vertical curls draping her face. I know it isn't the most creative angle (a little traditional for me), but I thought this was classic and stunning.

This was edited months ago so I don't remember which texture I used, I just know it was a very subtle rust color. I wanted it to just add that touch without taking away from all the already amazing texture.

Don't forget to head over to iheartfaces to see all the other amazing textures submissions


Pol said...

She is beautiful! Love the colours

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

lovely! the colors are gorgeous!

Kerry said...

Beautiful image.

Marla said...

lovely - love that bright green background. Wishing I could see a little snippet of color here this winter.