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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Check out these sites...

This is going to be a very different post. I am a huge blog reader and internet shopper and I purchase 75% of my photography equipment and props online, as well as, things for my family. So the internet is my world of info and products. With that being said, I thought I'd share my favorite blogs or online shops. These will be wide ranging because that's how I roll people! You may not have interest in all of them, but I hope one of them sparks your interest or you find it new and totally you!

1. Groupon- If you haven't heard of it yet, you are totally missing out!!! I heard about it a month ago before they even offered it in Omaha. It started last monday and it's been awesome! They have had super deals (40% to 80% off) on some great new places I've never heard of in Omaha.

How it works, click here, sign up and you'll receive an email every morning with that days Groupon. You have 24 hours to purchase the groupon. Each groupon will have a certain number it must sell for the deal to be on. So you will not get charged until the deal is on. Once the deal is on you'll receive an email to go print your groupon. Click the link that will take you to your groupon account and print your groupon. You will have to bring your groupon with you when redeeming it.

We've always been super savers here at our house. We only go out if we have a coupon or gift card and never buy anything unless it's on sale, so this has been great. So if you like saving money and trying new things in town, this is for you!!!!

2.Etsy- Most of you have heard of it but talking to some new people who aren't mom's or photographers they know nothing about it. I told most of my newborn mommies, they had no idea, so I knew this was one I had to post. This is a huge online handmade marketplace. I use this for most of photo props. Instead of just saying go to etsy and find some fun stuff, here are 2 stores I've purchased from...
Stores I WANT to purchase from :-)
Omaha Esty shops :-)-The advantage of purchasing from an Omaha store, faster shipping and you may also be able to pick it up from them :-)

I literally have 19 pages of favorite shops, so really this is such a small portion of things you'll find on there. Mine are obviously kid and photographer based, but you will find furniture, designer clothes, jewelry, beautiful paper goods, etc. Once you start looking around you'll be hooked! It's the place to find unique, handmade EVERYTHING! So have fun :-)

3. Mommy Blog- Ok so I literally have a million in my blog roll, but I am going to only post one this time. That means I do have to do this post again hehe! The Misadventures of Kelly and Kelly is my fav Omaha mommy blog. But I am biased she is a friend of mine and I just love her posts! You'll find recipes, crafts, sewing, books, travels, pregnancy, birthing, thrift shopping, you name it, oh and all about her ridiculously adorable family. And yes her and her husband are both Kelly's :-) Enjoy!

4. Homeschool Blog- Since dabbling in this or should I say delving into this recently, I found a Catholic homeschool blog in town. She is FUNNY and straight to the point. Sometimes I think people who come into the faith later in life know so much more than those who are brought up in it. Karen Edmisten an author and her blog is all things catholic, writing and homeschooling. Seriously funny! Even if you don't homeschool or your not a big book reader, her posts about her faith are incredible (especially her recent Lenten one wow!)

5. Craft Blog- Seriously this blog will blow your mind. She goes and finds a million fabulous crafts in the blog world and posts the links on her blog. She never misses all the great holiday crafts and finds the most unique things to do with your kids. The Crafty Crow is your place to find something fun to do with your kids during these ridiculously cold and snowy days. Oh totally not Omaha, sorry!

6. Fat Brain Toys- If you haven't stopped at this store in Village Point you are missing out. It has the greatest toys. Huge store with tons of room and the shelves are packed with so many fabulous things. Many things I've found online and didn't know that there was a store in town that carried them. Fat Brain probably has it. You're probably wondering why I'm adding it to this list, well because you can shop from the comfort of your own home, in their online shop :-)

7. Omahatogo.com- Seriously when you become a mom and have 2 crazy kids who can't sit still to eat or sit and wait for a table, take out is your best friend on the weekends. I found this site a few years ago and it's extremely helpful. You get 200+ Omaha restaurants that have take out, you get their full menu and number right at your finger tips. Happy Take Out!

8. Momaha.com- Awesome name right! This is a fabulous new site for the mom's and dad's out there. I've already won 2 giveaway's on here, crazy!!!! Great articles, a HUGE forum, coupons, and tons of lists for all things about your family. I should also mention Moms of Omaha as well. This one has been up for a couple years now and it is MY place to find all our fun activities. I just LOVE their calendar for family and kids events!

9. Cooking Blog- Prepare for mouthwatering delicious recipes and images. Jamie's food looks amazing!!!! I just found this through another site a week ago and just had blast looking through all here amazing recipes. I plan on trying the breakfast cups soon, so fun and different. She also has a big blog list of other Omaha cooking blogs and others.

10. Remedy Drive- It's been 10 years since I've been following this band and saw them in college a couple times. They are actually from Lincoln, but used to play in Omaha frequently. Now they are big Christian stars so they don't play as often here. They now open up for oh ya know, Mercy Me and David Crowder now :-) They rock! They'll be in the big O Mar. 20. You can click their news feed to get their super funny and inspiring videos and posts and of course rock out to their full list of songs on the front page.

Even though I have a million others, I will hold off for another post. Maybe next time I'll venture a little further out of my realm of motherhood and photography :-) Also if you have a site you'd like me to feature, email me :-) Hope you enjoy them!


Marla said...

Can't wait to check some of these out. I think i'm the only person who is not crazy about Etsy . . . it seems much like walking into a giant department store for me ... I don't know where to start, where to go next, then I forget what I'm looking for . . . Long story short, thanks for narrowing down a few places.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link love!