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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fix It Fridays @ iheartfaces :-)

I missed last weeks fix it fridays :-( So I was determined to get in this week! Super cute photo from a contributor to I heart faces. As you can see it's very much cool tones and dark. I really wanted to make the little princess stand out. Many of the entries cropped it in but I found that if I left all the stuff in the background and brightened her up she would stand out more then being cropped. Let me know what you think!

Original Image
Edited Image
1. Lighted all the shadows and little Emma, using Ying.
2. Lux Soft (100%) I love this action because it softens not only the front of the image but the entire back of the image which really makes things pop.
3. Lux Hard (100%) I normally would not use this action but it really needed some more lightening.
4. Lightened Emma again using, Ying.
5. Saturated her outfit.
6. Burn Out- Edge burn 40%
-Vignette 30%
7. Johnny Thunderpants Texture Overlay from TRA Dirty Pictures 70%
-erased off Emma

Let me know what you think of my edit!!


Marla said...

Love it. I really need to cough up the dough for TRA Actions. I seem to love everyone of them that I ever see anyone use . . .

Sherri said...

Love it! You really made the "subject" project in a tasteful way. Beautiful!