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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Logan

So first I have to tell you about Logan's mommy, Michelle. Michelle is my walking advertising. She tells absolutely EVERYONE about me. She buys gift certificates for her friends. She's constantly following my blog and facebook to hear all about my new sessions. And probably most of all gives me all the praise I need to keep doing what I love. To think we met 2 years ago at bible study pretty much explains it :-)

Michelle I cannot thank you enough for loving what I do and being proud to give the gift of LE photography. I'm so glad I was able to capture your ridiculously cute little man. Dale and Logan are so lucky to have you!

Ok now on to this ridiculous cuteness I was talking about...seriously...check out those beautiful eyes!

Everytime I ever look at this pic it will remind me of what happened just after, he spit up allllllll over mom and himself. It was more like projectile and seriously hilarious because I couldn't even capture the moment dad and I were laughing so hard! Poor guy had a rough time getting through the session in less than 2 shirts :-) He gets Best Spit Up Award, poor Mom!
He did not like my first bucket but loved my second....too cute!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming back to get some moments of Logan. I hope we get to do some when #2 comes, capturing these unforgettable moments is priceless! Love you guys :-)


Kelly and Kelly said...

great job Lindsay - he is getting so big!! such a cutie!

The Way The Sells Grow said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to see the rest. I will continue to tell everyone about you. I remember way back when, when you said, "You guys, I just got a new camera and I can not wait to use it!" Look at you now; you're doing an awesome job and it shows that you love what you do.