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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Kruse Family

Mr. Alex is turning 3 this month, so we headed down to the old train station for some fun! He is way too much fun!

So Alex, so perfect!
Cutest family EVER!

Alex found a large pool of water in hte middle of the tracks and he was all about throwing rocks in the "river". Except his "river" had "big sharks" in it, i.e. sticks. Too funny! Love this little capture with daddy, even caught the rock in the air!

Love you guys so much! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon!


The Trans said...

Awesome. Absolutely awesome :) (Hard to go wrong with such a good looking family, though!)

Michelle Sell said...

He just gets cuter and cuter!

The Kruse's said...

Ahhhh...You guys all rock my world. Such wonderful friend with such wonderful comments! Love you guys! Lindsay you blow my mind...you are absolutely amazing! I LOVE YOU! P.S....Thanks for a wonderful Mother's Day. Great talk at Church...Fabulous lunch with you all and a 2.5 hour nap to follow!!! Love ya!!! Muah....

Marla said...

LOVE that 2nd pic. Such a great shot!

Joe Rossiter said...

What a stud!!! love it linds:) but you really can't go wrong with a beautiful family like that!

Anonymous said...

Alex is a goof!!! ;)