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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 24 "All about Babies" I heart faces photo challenge

I haven't done one of the I heart faces weekly contests in waaaaaayy too long! So I thought this one would be perfect to jump in on. I choose this image because it's different. Not your normal newborn photo and it was my first time trying this hold so actually getting it was super exciting! Plus those rolls and lips are soo yummy!

Click the link below to check out hundreds of adorable babies....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brooklyn's debut...

I absolutely LOVE this family. I met them a year ago for Jake's 2 yr. pics and he was amazing to work with. As most of my clients know 2 yr. old's are the hardest and he was AWESOME! So sweet and polite and did such a great job! And this day was no different. He is now 3 and he is proud to introduce his little sister, Brooklyn :) She is definitely following her brother's footsteps and being a photo champ. Mom assured me this was her nap time and boy she was right. Brooklyn slept the entire time and didn't budge when moved.

Soo happy that it's now time for me to take newborns outside...YEA! We had so much fun!

Big brother Jake...just love him! He's so polite and personable (good job mom and dad!!) and I love his little conversations with me.

Thanks Jessie for letting me come hang out and capture some moments of your wonderful family, I had such a great time! ENJOY!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lane turns 1!

This adorable family met me out at Wehrspann last week for Lane's 1 year pics. What a cutie he is! We had so much fun walking around the park finding lots of cute spots.

His personalized Cubs jersey was SUPER CUTE!!
And a little cake time to end the session....he was having a blast :) Happy Birthday Lane!!
Thank you guys for hanging out with me last weekend, had a wonderful time! What a fun little man you have :)

OKOBOJI...here we come :)

Is pleased to announce that July 16-18 I will be in Okoboji and will be doing a few sessions. If you have inquired or this interests you please contact me for availability. Since I am only doing a few these will fill up very fast!!

So excited to shoot again in my favorite place on this earth :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

N + J = S + S

This is my adorable sister-in-law and brother-in-law and my two nieces!! Jamie is my husband's, sister :) Aren't they just the cutest!! Nathan has been back for 2 months and will be deploying again on Monday :( We have been so blessed to have some time with him, he hadn't been back in NE in almost 2 years, so it's been really nice to catch up and watch him be an amazing dad! This was family pics, as well as, the girls 3 and 1 year (well a little late!).

I do have one of these without Salem's tongue but seriously it's not as cute :)

BTW...I should mention that mommy Jamie made the girls skirts...ADORABLE!
I think we hit Syd on a bad day, she wasn't up for much other than TICKLING!!!!! I love her :)
Salem is the cutest and sweetest little thing. She loves to say "Na na nah na nah na" which I think means no most of the time. She finally came running up to me when I went to pick them up, for me to pick her up, I MELTED! Normally I have to steal her away from someone or grab her when she's not looking and get a few seconds with her before she wants to run off. But picture day was all about Lindsay and it was awesome!! Look at her cheese face :)
Jamie asked if her and Nate could get some together and I about jumped for joy, oh wait, maybe I did! I LOVE COUPLES and have never photographed just them so it was great to get a few minutes with them. They are the sweetest and so darn cute, love their style :)
Someone named Sydney is really gonna miss her daddy :( Breaks my heart! She loves her daddy so much. We're thankful this deployment is only 6 months again and soo glad all the girls are living here, so we get to spend so much time with them and help them get through this rough stage.

Thanks for letting me capture some super cute moments of your family. Love you guys so much and Nathan we will make sure the girls get lots of loving while your gone :) Unken TJ and Auntie Lindsay will make sure of that!

Audrey...Kearney Senior Rep

Audrey and her mom have been waiting for this session since I started my business :) They have been loyal cheerleaders of LEP and now it's finally Audrey's turn!! She came to Omaha and we checked out some new locations in Elkhorn. We had a BLAST! We are very similar, so lots of laughs were had and she was up for anything.

BTW...I've figured out my pics resolution but now they color is hideous! So my sincere apologies that these look totally drab. Even after countless adjustments and uploading them several times they still look ick. I promise they look stellar on my computer!!!!!! UGH!

Soo we picked someone's flower (OOPS!) because we couldn't resist this. It was the exact color of her shirt :)
Audrey...you are beautiful inside and out and can't wait to spend more time with you in the future :) Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I frequently get asked what my hours are or what days I work. So I thought I should share with everyone (will post on website too)....

Tuesday & Wednesday evenings (6pm-9pm)
Saturday all day (8am-9pm)

I try very hard to stick to this, but will make exceptions if weather or illness is a factor.

I am booking through the fall. So even if you don't need anything until Aug or say Oct, to call now to book. My Saturdays book so much fast than weeknights so if you have a specific time or date you need, you will have much better luck if you call early.

This summer I am traveling ALOT! You can see my list on the top right of travel dates. These tend to book up fast, once I advertise for them. So here is an update...

July 16-18 Okoboji BOOKING
July 23-26 Sioux City- 2 available
July 30-31 Kearney- 3 available
Aug 14-15 Kansas City BOOKING
Aug. 27-29 Sioux City BOOKING

There will be no other travel dates set for this summer. Fall travel dates have not been set yet, but if you would like me to come to your town contact me today to discuss options. There is an October Sioux City weekend in the works, other than that no other travel dates have been arranged.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A & A :)

Oooo these girls are just the cutest! And I don't think they look anything alike! Here is Miss Ashlee how is 10 months...

Big sister Alyssa :) She was a hoot!

I could have worked with her all day, if it wasn't for 100% humidity. Poor mom and I were sweating bullets!! Isn't she just precious!!
Jana...thank you so much for letting me capture your adorable girls! They were angels and I had such a great time! Hope I get to see you guys soon :)

Shawnee....Hinton 2011 Senior Rep

I'm so excited to have a Hinton senior this year! Shawnee is just an absolute sweetheart and we had so much fun. She was up for anything, even in 50mph winds!!!


Thank you Jodi and Shawnee for choosing LEP! Cannot wait for your next session :)

Ella is ONE!!!

I feel so blessed to have been able to capture this little one's 1 year photos :) I captured a few photos of her when she was just 3 weeks old for their family session and can't believe she is a year already. There is a big WARNING before you go on...she's absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Oh and the location is my absolute FAVORITE place to shoot in South Dakota. I have yet to find a place this beautiful in Nebraska :(

I had a really hard time converting any of these to BW because of all the wonderful colors out there and her cute red headband but just had to...

Big sister Anna jumped in :) She was quite the helper and ohhh I just loved listening to her talk and her cute stories. Reminded me so much of my little ones. Aren't they just beautiful!!!! But as you can see in this one Ella was totally DONE! haha!
Amy, thank you so much for letting me capture your girls. They are so beautiful and well behaved and adorable outfits to boot! Enjoy and the images will be on their way tomorrow :)

And the winner...

Of the 16x20 float wrap is....

#5 Madeline Blankman 6 month session

Congrats mom, Lindsay!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let me know what you think!

My husband gave me this great idea! I sometimes have a hard time choosing my processing, because of my seriously bad indecisiveness. So I tend to ask him and although he's fabulous, sometimes I feel bad. So he said "why not ask your clients?" Well, hello fabulous idea! So here are the polls. Look through the images and see which one catches your eye and come back to the top right column to put your vote in, in each poll. I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment on why you love a certain one or why do not like a certain one. I love feedback!

Poll #1-Vintage

These are all sorts of Vintage tones that I use....what catches your eye?

3-Patty Cake
4-Yellow Haze
5-Lux Autumn
6-Lux Winter

Poll #2-Sepia/Carbon

I rarely use a sepia but have just recently found some I may like to use.....