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Saturday, June 5, 2010

N + J = S + S

This is my adorable sister-in-law and brother-in-law and my two nieces!! Jamie is my husband's, sister :) Aren't they just the cutest!! Nathan has been back for 2 months and will be deploying again on Monday :( We have been so blessed to have some time with him, he hadn't been back in NE in almost 2 years, so it's been really nice to catch up and watch him be an amazing dad! This was family pics, as well as, the girls 3 and 1 year (well a little late!).

I do have one of these without Salem's tongue but seriously it's not as cute :)

BTW...I should mention that mommy Jamie made the girls skirts...ADORABLE!
I think we hit Syd on a bad day, she wasn't up for much other than TICKLING!!!!! I love her :)
Salem is the cutest and sweetest little thing. She loves to say "Na na nah na nah na" which I think means no most of the time. She finally came running up to me when I went to pick them up, for me to pick her up, I MELTED! Normally I have to steal her away from someone or grab her when she's not looking and get a few seconds with her before she wants to run off. But picture day was all about Lindsay and it was awesome!! Look at her cheese face :)
Jamie asked if her and Nate could get some together and I about jumped for joy, oh wait, maybe I did! I LOVE COUPLES and have never photographed just them so it was great to get a few minutes with them. They are the sweetest and so darn cute, love their style :)
Someone named Sydney is really gonna miss her daddy :( Breaks my heart! She loves her daddy so much. We're thankful this deployment is only 6 months again and soo glad all the girls are living here, so we get to spend so much time with them and help them get through this rough stage.

Thanks for letting me capture some super cute moments of your family. Love you guys so much and Nathan we will make sure the girls get lots of loving while your gone :) Unken TJ and Auntie Lindsay will make sure of that!

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