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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joe (my little bro): Heelan High School Senior in Sioux City, IA

You'd think after looking at these images that I just shot a JCrew ad, seriously. This kid with impeccable style and good looks is none other than my little bro. And I've been anxiously trying to get these uploaded (blogger hates me!). This was his second very rushed senior session. We had so much fun and got to capture 3 very different looks. After processing the images I realized how old he looks, how old he is and how much I miss the old days. He would ride in the back of my first car, the FIRST Cavvy the Cavalier and we'd ride around and run errands together jammin' to music. I'm so sad he's THIS big. But so excited for him and his future...because it's going to be so bright!

He's going to kill me for posting this one, but it cracks me up!

Somehow he got these awesome lips. No one else has them. I'm jealous. Then I had two kids and they both have his lips. So we say they have Joe's lips, although we still have no idea where Joe got em' ha!
LOVE YOU JOEBALOBABUTT! (yup he's gonna kill me for that one too!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Julie: Heelan High School Senior in Sioux City, IA

We finished up Julie's session in her beautiful backyard and boy did we have fun. Doing lots of totally different and unique poses. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!

Rachel: Central High School Senior in Omaha, NE

My first Central senior...WOOOHOOO! I love having seniors from new schools. Miss Rachel was referred by the triplets and Audrey, a senior from Kearney. We had so much fun hanging out downtown and she was a natural. And don't forget those stunningly gorgeous turquoise eyes..WOW!!

Thanks Rachel for choosing LEP! I have no doubt this is the beginning of great things for you!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Olivia: Family Portraits in Sioux City, iA

Miss Olivia is 1!!!!!! These are my cousins and I've been fortunate to be able to photograph this little princess 3 times now!! I can't believe she's already one and she just gets cuter by the day. She was such a trooper. It was cold and gloomy and she could have cared less.

Dancing away :)
I got to take some of her in the sun yea!! Isn't it crazy what the sun will do...soo pretty!
I love absolutely everything about this picture....LOVE :)
Jason, Em and Olivia...thanks for your AMAZING patience and for letting me capture the cutest little one year old I know! She is precious and oh so much fun! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Chloe: Dakota Valley High School senior in North Sioux City, SD

I was so excited to meet Chloe and her grandma. And they were just as sweet as when I had talked to them on the phone :) Chloe was so nervous but you'd never tell. I rarely had to tell her to pose, which is like a photographers dream.

This car has been sitting here for years. I had never used it before. But this rocking outfit screamed "USE THE CAR!" So I finally did, and got some really cool images with it....

Chloe, it really was my pleasure. I had such a great time with you guys and love all the images I was able to capture. I'll be in touch soon!!

Shawnee: Hinton High School senior in Sioux City, IA

Awe I just love Shawnee and her mom :) Shawnee is my Hinton Rep and came back for another session. We had so much fun and she again was a natural in front of the camera....

We took some at Grandview...which sadly is the first time I've taken pics there. It was gorgeous....

I think we had a little too much fun at the junk yard. I have a little junk yard I use that is just fabulous!!!
And the bike is making it's first appearance....I'm in love with the bike and this shot :)
Shawnee, you totally rocked it! Thanks for hanging with me again and can't wait for you to see the rest! Hope the rest of your senior year is everything and more!

Bailee: Heelan High School senior portraits in Sioux City, IA

Miss Bailee is friends with my brother, so I had heard her name before but had never met her until our session and she was so incredibly sweet. She reminded me so much of my best friend, Jen. Not only sweet but super shy. She'd be the first to admit that it was hard being in front of the camera. But once you see these images I think you'll agree she's a natural :)

This is Bailee...the little head turn to the shoulder. She did it the entire session and I just love it. Just proves how sweet and shy she is.
I <3 this :)

Bailee...it was soo000 great to finally meet you! Thanks for letting me capture these moments. I can't wait for you to see them all! Best wishes on an amazing senior year :)

Wheatley Family: Family Portraits in North Sioux City, SD

What a sweet family of girls this was :) Poor dad is totally outnumbered here. But I don't think he minds :) We spent a very chilly morning all over Adam's and the girls were such troopers.

Thank you guys for braving the cold....I had such a wonderful time! Enjoy your sneak peek :) Pics will be done VERY soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elizabeth: East High School senior in Sioux City, IA

This is my cousin Elizabeth, but we call her Biz. She completely and totally rocked this session. I had the hardest time just picking 5 images to show. We had so much fun, but boy was it cold and rainy! I think it was 40 degrees the first day and 48 the next...ick! But you'd never guess...

This is her dad's trunk, my awesome Uncle Mike. He unloaded it and let her use it for her session. Um awesome!
So I debated and debated posting this....I absolutely, hands down, freaking LOVE this next image! I can't stop looking at it haha!
Biz...thanks for letting me capture your senior pics. I had SOOOO much fun! LOVE YOU!

Edwards Family: Family Portraits in Omaha, NE

Oh the color on my blog really needs a swift kick in the rear. Seems like some have the best color, some are duller than dull :( My apologies again for the horrible color and contrast in my blog images.

I was sooo excited to meet this family. They were flying in for a wedding and booked 6 months in advance :) Unfortunately, they got the coldest day we've had so far :( I felt horrible but what can you do right?!? They were all such troopers and I got some incredibly sweet captures....

I really enjoyed Owen. He was so sweet, smart and funny. We had some good laughs....
I couldn't love this image any more...a kiss from brother and a sweet smile from sister...they are just too cute!
Kelly...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for letting me capture your sweet Alabama family. I had such a wonderful time!