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Monday, November 15, 2010

My in-laws :): Family portraits in Omaha, NE

My in-laws are too cute!

My sweet niece Sydney was such a poser this time. I was eating it up!
Another session without dad :( He's stationed in Korea til April. Can't wait to take more pics then!
I just love this. Sweet Salem is just a ham! I love her right arm ha...too too sweet!
So Sydney decided to model for me. It's so funny to think of our session last fall. I had to chase her around the yard and all the pics were here running. They were fabulous pics but she just posed and did anything I wanted her too. It was so fun and I can't believe how old she's getting! Love her so much!

I could take pics of Salem all day every day. No joke! Those eyes get me every time. She really does have the sweetest personality :)

Sexton Family: Family Portraits in Sioux City, IA

Another wonderful and beautiful new family in my good ol' hometown :) Mom, Dori, and I played volleyball against each other way back in the day and she lives on the same street that I grew up on...such a small world! Her littles are 5, 3, 2....WOW! I always get nervous when there are lots of littles but they were fantastic, even in the cold!

Little Maddie found my puppy I did not let it go, ever ha! Luckily mom and dad didn't care and she was a perfect angel :)
Pure cuteness :)

Dori, thank you again for choosing LEP! I had such a wonderful time and love your sweet family! Hope I get to see you guys soon!

Otten Family: Family portraits in Sioux City, IA

I've had the pleasure of photographing this family 3 times now. And I really didn't think they could get any cuter, but they did! And it still floors me how they don't look alike. The two boys look just like mom and the two girls look just like dad. Gets me every time!

Ella wants to know "where did the birds go?" BTW...Miss Ella is on the top of this blog :)

One of my favorite kid pics...love this little pathway and love how their holding hands, too sweet!
Anna has a small piece of my heart <3

If this doesn't make you laugh....she had quite the tickle spot ha!
Amy, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for letting me capture you guys AGAIN :) It means so much to have clients come back time and time again. You have the sweetest, most adorable family and I'm so glad you love them!

Hears a copy of the email I got from Amy the other day:

"Thanks, Lindsay! I cried through the entire slide show! A few times!

Love them so much! God bless you,


Warms my heart :)

The Noda's: Family Portraits in Omaha, NE

I keep looking through these pics over and over. This little peanut's mom found me searching google. LOVE IT! It was my first time capturing this gorgeous family and I sure hope I get to capture all of they're precious moments. Meet Saloane...isn't that a such a beautiful name! She is quite the perfect mix of her awesome parents....

They were lucky enough to get the falling of Elmwoods leaves...one of the best trees in town. If only the leaves fell their all year round :)
This is mom's grandma's blanket. She was hesitant to ask me to use it and I about screamed I was so excited. I really love incorporating things that mean something to people and look how stunning it is....so perfect!
Quite the different composition for me, but I LOVE IT! I used those leaves in all the pics, too beautiful not too!
Nancy, thank you so much for choosing LEP! It was such a pleasure working with you all. Hope I get to see you in the future!

Mollet Family: Family Portraits in Jefferson, SD

What a gorgeous family!! We had our troubles scheduling this as you can imagine but I'm so glad we were able to make it work.

I want to clarify something that the mom of these 6 beauties brought to my attention. When she had emailed me, she begged me to take their pictures, which I thought was a little odd. I happily obliged and then realized she thought I didn't do "large families". I do "large single families" but I DO NOT do "large extended families". I realized some people may have read this on my blog and been deterred from booking with me because their family was considered large. I will do a single family but I do not do multiple or extended families :)

Anyway, on the gorgeous Mollets :)

He stole my heart, red hair, green eyes and sweetness
Do you think this little girl is loved? Can you imagine being the youngest girl of 5 boys? She's stolen dad's heart <3

Thanks Jean and Brad! Absolutely LOVED your family, thank YOU for letting me capture this time in your life :)

Thompson Family: Family portraits in Omaha, NE

I love new clients! It's so fun to hear how they found me. This family found me searching google which still gets me everytime. Seriously! Almost all of my clients are referrals, so hearing that they just did a google search and found me, ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! Yes, I did just say that!

These boys were troopers :) I mean what 10 year old boy wants their pics taken haha!

One of my FAVORITE places to shoot...it's even prettier at sunset :)
This smile got me every time. I LOVE TOOTHLESS SMILES!
Now you know who the ham was :) He was soo sweet!
Thanks Thompson's for choosing LEP. Hope to see you next year :)

Topf Family: Family Portraits in Elkhorn, NE

Miss Ellie is 6 MONTHS! Where did the time go? Sweet Ellie is to this date the sleepiest and most well behaved newborn I've had the pleasure of capturing. I knew she would be a hoot for her 6 months and she was such a doll! Ellie's mom, Laura and went to school together our whole life. So it's been a lot of fun catching up! But you must beware...this cuteness and gorgeous light may knock you to the floor. They had the most perfect night :)

Greg and Laura, thank you letting me capture this milestone and your incredibly adorable family. I love spending time with you all!

Tomcak Family: Family Portraits in Omaha, NE

This is such a special session for me. Their oldest, Connor, was one of my students when I taught kindergarten at Christ the King School :) It was my one and only year teaching and I think about those kids every day. This is my second time capturing them and it's been so great to keep up with all of them. They are all boy and mom just eats it up!

Contemplating giving mom a kiss...ha! Thanks Christine for letting me capture the boys, I truly enjoy every minute I get to spend with you guys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Helpful tip....

I've had several comments about not being able to see all of a horizontal pic on my blog or that some of it is cut off. This may be elementary for some, may be big news for others, so bear with this little post....

1. Pull your screen as far out as you can.

If that still doesn't work, try this...

2. Make your wording smaller (I'm sure you all know how to do this, it's different for a pc/mac). This will make everything smaller and bring the images in a bit so you can see all of it.

Hope this helps :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Because we're rarely on the other side...

It was over a year ago that Theary contacted me through my blog and we became quick blog buddies. Then came facebook and we've stayed in constant contact. Never meeting until a few weeks ago :( She was everything I thought she would be, sweet, sassy, fun and sooo pretty! We had so much fun showing each other our favorite places and taking a step on the other side. We tried really hard to capture each other's side the people rarely see. Theary is always captured not smiling, so I made her giggle, A LOT!

Theary, I am so blessed with your friendship and so thankful we were finally able to meet. Thanks for capturing some moments so rarely captured of me. I think we'll be doing this more often :)

You can find all of Theary's work here. And if you're in the Atlanta area, I'm sure she'd LOVE to capture you :)

Much love to you, my friend :)

Feel free to check out me on the other side.