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Monday, November 15, 2010

Otten Family: Family portraits in Sioux City, IA

I've had the pleasure of photographing this family 3 times now. And I really didn't think they could get any cuter, but they did! And it still floors me how they don't look alike. The two boys look just like mom and the two girls look just like dad. Gets me every time!

Ella wants to know "where did the birds go?" BTW...Miss Ella is on the top of this blog :)

One of my favorite kid pics...love this little pathway and love how their holding hands, too sweet!
Anna has a small piece of my heart <3

If this doesn't make you laugh....she had quite the tickle spot ha!
Amy, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for letting me capture you guys AGAIN :) It means so much to have clients come back time and time again. You have the sweetest, most adorable family and I'm so glad you love them!

Hears a copy of the email I got from Amy the other day:

"Thanks, Lindsay! I cried through the entire slide show! A few times!

Love them so much! God bless you,


Warms my heart :)


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